1. a nice guy

From the recording The Great Ugly

Music + Lyrics: Evan Berndt
Mixed + Mastered: Dean Nelson
Electric Guitar: Cole Friesen
Acoustic Drums: Aaron Brown

Thanks to FACTOR and the artist development grant for their financial support in creating this album.


As we lay
Breaking down our barriers baby
Say you really don’t mind
Found yourself a guy

It's been a long time
Since making out at seventeen
Tell me how it could be
If you were touch me

A gorgeous dream
Picture magazines
Sample of cologne
Makes me feel alone
Worn out pages
All the long faces

With a dark mind
Putting on your Sunday best
Wanna say you don’t lie
Wanna say you don’t cry

But through the long night
We’ll save it for the other day
I don’t know what could be
Just reach out and touch me

Oh a worn out dream
Caught in magazines
Picture of cologne
Mentions me alone
Worn out faces
Worn out pages

Mm, I don’t have to try
Cause there’s real bones raising from the earth
And as we lay here
Breaking down your barriers baby
Find yourself a nice
You find yourself a nice guy
And I don’t mind