1. see him alive

From the recordings The Great Ugly and see him alive

Music + Lyrics: Evan Berndt
Mixed + Mastered: Dean Nelson
Electric Guitar: Cole Friesen

Thanks to FACTOR and the artist development grant for their financial support in creating this album.


When I close my eyes, I can see the times When we rode our bikes, and we stood beside
Hold me up, Hold me close
Say the words that you mean the most All my love, All my life
at the edge of another fight

Spent a caution night, in the car we left behind
in what we couldn't find, we took from another time In the hollow of a youth lit a fire that we couldn't use Silver moon, a Summer disguised
as a love that would never die

close your eyes, close your eyes

There will come a time when you'll find sadness comfortably, comfortably
And I'll try to live like I used to
My eyes will learn to adjust you.