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take me + dance

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take me + dance explores substance use as a means of survival and escape in a world where we can’t control how we are “seen” and the varying consequences of that attention. This track specifically speaks on a woman's attempt to remover herself from society. She enjoys the process of leaving herself alone and not hearing the background chatter of a fading life.


.:Verse 1:.

Tell me is it a science, the way you vanish and reappear, a worthy effort, a great advance
And is it always certain you’ll come out stable and unimpressed
Get me past this moment I’ll give it a chance

(Take me and dance)

.:Verse 2:.

Ya I feel amazing, I wake up again just to disappear, it’s a part of the silence never to hear

Is there good even out there or have we lost it within the tree, when you favour the body it’s harder to see

(Take me and dance)


Spin me around so I could see
(That my life, wasn’t mine)
I want to be one but I want to be me
(A different life, one with you)
Spin me around so I could find
(That my life, wasn’t mine)If you want to work, you know this has to be the last time
(A different life, one with you)

.:Verse 3:.
Lesser time in the getaway, find my body is here to stay in the ear of Elijah we listen in
And as all wise men say, it’s the wise words that get away, get me past this moment I’ll give it a chance